Helga's Traditional White Sliced Bread Mini Loaf 360g

$3.90 each $1.08 per 100g


Helga's bakers begin with care by selecting the best quality ingredients, those that bring out the best taste in each other. Helga's Traditional White Sliced Bread Mini Loaf is a breakfast classic, providing a source of fibre and protein in a traditional white bread loaf. it's also made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and tastes great toasted, fresh, in sandwiches or in any recipe you like. it's not just bread. it's Helga's


*Wheat* flour, water, *rye* meal (4.5%), yeast, vinegar, iodised salt, canola oil, cultured *wheat* flour, *wheat* gluten, *soy* flour, vegetable emulsifiers (481, 471, 472e), *rye* flour, vitamins (thiamin, folic acid).

Storage Instructions

HELGA’S suggests bread be stored in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight


Gluten Containing Cereals, Soy

Allergen may be present

Sesame Seeds

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